Arbitrary thoughts that don't have their separate article (yet), or don't require it.


Favourite music.

Music is the language of the soul. I believe one can truly know someone by learning their musical taste.


Why rewrite what has already been written superiorly. Most of our problems aren't unique and have been solved for ages. Unfortunately, we're bad students.


Reddit archive.

An archive of (my) reddit comments that are worth something to me; in case I delete my accounts on these increasingly unethical websites.

Quora archive.

I used to be a frequent user of Quora, but deleted my account when it became hard to distinguish genuine from advertised content.



The excellent free software I enjoy using.


Linux clean install process; personal checklist.


Shortkeys to my frequently used unicode symbols.

GitHub pages to Codeberg.

How to migrate multiple static websites from GitHub pages to Codeberg.

How to access Z-Library?

1. Tor Browser 2. zlibrary24…onion.

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